Print Book Pricing Issues at Amazon

Please note that one of our major retailers (Amazon) is going through “technical issues” that is causing their print book pricing to go haywire. So far, three of our current print books have been found overpriced on Amazon’s website. The following books have been marked up without our approval:

Jesus Embraced Parenting (Bible study): trade paperback retail price should have been $12.95, but we found it retailed in the US at $20.65. Amazon has since corrected the pricing error.

Fallen King (epic fantasy): trade paperback retail price should be $22.95, but is currently listed at $26.42

Make Your Own Application: Work, Woes, and Wisdom (Christian devotional); retail should be $9.95, but is currently listed at $19.42

So far, the technical issue seems limited to just trade paperback editions. E-book and Hardback are fine. We haven’t yet checked other Amazon markets, like the UK or JP, so we don’t know if they are acting up too.

Amazon’s publisher support states that it may take 2-3 days to correct their technical issues and that it is effecting items worldwide.

Prices at other Online Retailers like Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks are unaffected.

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