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Learn more about the authors we publish at Reader Hill. Below are short biographies on each writer, including links to their personal websites.



AB Loren TagA.B. Loren– Author of Contemporary and Clean Romances.

The Women of the Winds trilogy (A.B. Loren’s  first series of Contemporary Christian Romances) follows the lives of ordinary women facing extraordinary life challenges. Set in a windy mountain pass that lies between urban Los Angeles and the vast desert to the east, this series is both fun and thrilling to read. The first books in this series will be published by Reader Hill in the Summer/Fall of 2015.


To learn more and to view a list of A.B. Loren’s books, please see the A.B. LOREN page.



 Eric Lorenzen– Science Fiction and Fantasy author.

Eric is a science fiction and fantasy author. His writings include the Cirian War Saga, the Unlucky Alien series, and the Ways of Camelot series.

The son of immigrants, he can speak his parents’ tongue (German), though with a decidedly American accent. In college, he studied our collective past and present (holding a degree in both History and Religious Studies), and still enjoys learning about the world’s diverse cultures and beliefs.

To learn more and to view a list of Eric’s books, please see the ERIC LORENZEN page.


Genuine HR logo2 Genuine HR–  Author of  guidebooks for businesses, churches, and retailers.

Genuine HR is a company dedicated to helping small businesses and churches with their HR and Office needs. Genuine HR’s staff has written numerous guidebooks to help managers and supervisors with their work duties.

Guidebook series include: Church Office, Basic Business, Retail Manager, and Be a Better Boss.

To learn more and to view a list of Genuine HR’s books, please see the GENUINE HR page.

Michael Newnham logo

Michael Newnham– Author of Christian non-fiction

Michael is an author of inspirational devotionals and other Christian non-fiction. He writes about the real life struggles and blessings of being a Christ follower. His style of writing is down-to-earth and easy to read, yet will inspire and challenge you.


To learn more and to view a list of Michael Newnham’s books, please see the MICHAEL NEWNHAM page.




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