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Reader Hill is a small, independent publishing house that specializes in excellent fiction and practical non-fiction.  As a small press, we are highly selective concerning both our authors and our projects. Currently, we specialize in the fiction genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romance, but we will be expanding to other genres of fiction in the future.

In addition, we publish non-fiction in the categories of Business (under the imprint Loyal Guide) and Religion. Our non-fiction titles are practical books to meet your needs, whether that is how to manage employees or how to have a spiritually fulfilling life.

We publish quality trade paperback books and e-books.


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Make Your Own Application- Book 1Road of Leaves novel

Hiring Church Employees book

Fallen King fantasyAlien Tastes Like Chicken






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Love Discounted romanceRoad of Waters fantasyRetailer's Guide to Hiring Employees book






Road of Clouds fantasyAlien in my Tomatoes science fictionAlien at the Office science fictionPaperwork for Church New HiresMake Your Own Application- Book 3







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