Make Your Own Application book 1 is on sale

Make Your Own Application- Book 1Just in time for the Christmas holidays, Amazon is holding an e-book sale on the first book in the Make Your Own Application series. You can now buy volume 1 as an e-book for just 99 cents. Buy it today and read it on your Kindle reader, computer, tablet, or smart phone. (Need the App? See below for help.)

In CATS, KIDS, and CHRIST you will discover the spiritual lessons to be found in the most ordinary events in life, from parenting to caring for a sick cat, from sharing your faith to facing the loss of a job. Experience this very different devotional and, of course, make your own application…

E-Book usually costs $4.99. But now is only 99 cents. (Sale ends 12/17/15).

Buy it today from Amazon.

Need the App? Amazon offers a free App so that you can start reading Kindle e-books on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Click here to reach Amazon and in two steps you’ll be ready to read this e-book on your smart phone or download it to your computer.

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