Dealer Services

book endsThank you for your interest in selling our books through your retail outlet. Most of our titles are available through the major book distribution companies, but you can also go through us directly.


For dealers interested in retailing any of our trade paperback titles, we offer the following discount schedule to bookstores:


U.S. Retail Discount Schedule (non-returnable):
(effective 01/01/2012)
2-5 copies: 40% off cover price plus shipping.
6-10 copies: 45% off cover price plus shipping.
11 or more copies: 45% off cover price plus FREE shipping.

Mixing of titles is permissable, including titles from our various imprints. The scheduled discounts given in exchange for a waiver of the retailer’s right to return books.  These discounts are only for retailers who purchase books on a non-returnable basis directly from Reader Hill and agree that they will not directly or indirectly return to Reader Hill or its distributers any copies purchased.  By accepting books on non-returnable terms, the retailer agrees it will not transfer or sell any such books to any individual or business who it knows or has reason to know may return them to Reader Hill or its distributers for credit.  Offered discounts available for USA retailers only.  International retailers, please inquire for further information.


Please contact us at for further details.  We look forward to hearing from you.