Short Stories

Do not miss any of the Short Stories released by Reader Hill:

Author: Eric Lorenzen
Category: Science-Fiction Humor
Description:  Poor Jared. He once dreamed of being a successful chef-grower with his designer brand of Smoke Tomatoes and other delicacies. Instead, he was a struggling urban farmer who now had aliens invading his Stack Farm. Hear the sad tale, in Jared’s own words, as he relives this horrible time in his life. What can you do when aliens invade? Do you call the media or just quietly squish the little buggers?

Available on and on Barnes and Noble for only $0.99


Author: Eric Lorenzen
Category: Science-Fiction Humor/ Short Story
Description: Joey’s weekly barbecues are the “guy event” of his block. Every meal is unique. Joey slathers homemade sauces that range from honey sweet to mouthing searing hot, often on some mystery meat that might be alligator or bear or something else. His neighbor Tim enjoys these gastric adventures, but this week Joey jokes that he has cooked up “alien meat”. Or is it a joke? Let Tim tell you all about this barbecue adventure.

Available on and on Barnes and Noble for only $0.99


Alien at the Office2ALIEN AT THE OFFICE

Description:  Cynical Mitch had just wanted to relax at the bar after a hard day, when his co-worker Bob showed up.  Bob won his way into the booth with an offered beer, but then he started confessing all kinds of strange things. When Bob brought out eyeglasses to prove his out-of-this-world story, things really became odd.  Mitch would never see the world the same way again.

A humorous Science-Fiction short story

Author: Eric Lorenzen

Publisher: Reader Hill

Available from Amazon for only 99 cents.


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