Fallen King cover5Fallen King
Series: Cirian War Saga, book 1
Author: Eric Lorenzen
Available from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.
US Suggested Price: $5.99 e-book, $25.00 trade paperback

A fantastic tale of heroes, demons, and a desperate heir. In the land of Na Ciria, an ancient enemy has returned and there are only a few standing against the invasion:

The grizzled and weary Prince Wintron Dabe, longtime heir to the throne, inherits a kingdom on the same day that most of it falls under demonic invaders.

Young Afral must face his heritage and his uncertain abilities.  He flees those who want to capture him, while trying to reach a people who may reject him.

The determined Mylana Farsight must lead other Watch Riders on a dangerous mission to warn the land’s long-hidden defenders. Dreadhounds pursue her, even as a traitor seeks to learn her secret.

FALLEN KING, an epic fantasy by Eric Lorenzen.

Content Advisory: This novel contains scenes of war violence, demonic possession, and human sacrifice.

Available from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.
Price: $7.99 e-book, $25.00 trade paperback


Road of Leaves cover 2015aTitle: Road of Leaves
Series: a Ways of Camelot novel (book 1)
Author: Eric Lorenzen
Available from Amazon
US Suggested Price: $2.99 e-book, $11.99 trade paperback

Magic, Mayhem, and Mystery

There are no simple roads to Camelot. Thomas is a 27-year-old magician’s apprentice who must travel to the Camelot guild house for his master. He takes the Road of Leaves, an enchanted tree-lined way that shifts every night as the winds move its leafy route. He joins a walking party that includes a monk, merchants, a troubadour, and an old woman.

Thom expects a pleasant hike along the Road that was crafted by the great wizard Merlin. Instead, he staggers into murder, magical warfare, and romance. While trying to make his way to Arthur’s capital, Thom fights natural forces, a sorceress, and a pair of ornery goats.

Not only must Thom struggle to use magic he barely understands, but he also has to face an enchantment that is far beyond his comprehension. An enchantment that fights back, for the Road of Leaves will defend itself.

ROAD OF LEAVES, an historic fantasy by Eric Lorenzen.

Available from Amazon
Price: $2.99 e-book, $11.99 trade paperback

Road of Waters cover 2015aTitle: Road of Waters

Series: a Ways of Camelot novel (Book 2)
Author: Eric Lorenzen
US Suggested Price: $2.99 e-book/ $14.99 trade paperback

ROAD OF WATERS, book 2 in the Ways of Camelot series, continues the adventures of Thomas, the magician-in-training.

Woe, Warfare, and Wizards

Thom’s troubles continue. His short respite in Camelot ends when the magicians’ council orders him to travel by boat down the Road of Waters to help Wizard Weston. With him go two others of journeyman rank: Vivien and Reginald.

Thomas soon learns that his mission is a lie, that one of his companions is a shape-shifter, and that his beloved Adele faces grave danger. Fighting on land was bad enough, but now he must fight while on the Waters. He must battle monsters, armies, an unruly stomach, and natural forces gone wild.

Although he is barely a journeyman magician, Thom must protect King Arthur from enemy sorcerers while also trying to rescue his friends and save the kingdom. He doesn’t know whom to trust, for even some magicians seem suspect. He certainly cannot trust the Road of Waters, for it drowns any who disturb it.

ROAD OF WATERS- an Arthurian fantasy for Young Adults and Adults

Title: Road of Waters
Series: a Ways of Camelot novel (Book 2)
Author: Eric Lorenzen
US Suggested Price: $2.99 e-book/ $14.99 trade paperback
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