Genuine HR

Genuine HR specializes in business books in the areas of management skills, administration, and HR policies. Click any of the books shown below for more details.


Genuine HR logo2At Genuine HR, we want to be part of your support team by providing practical HR resources to you and your leadership team. We have created our guidebooks to relieve some of the headaches faced by every manager, supervisor, administrator, and business owner. We want to ease that pressure so that you can find more joy in working with your staff. Let us help you with the “personnel side” of your organization, so that you can focus more on the “business side” of things.


We design guidebooks, forms, and other HR resources specifically aimed at small businesses and churches in the USA.

We have three top commitments:

1. Committed to Value– We will provide  quality resources at a fair price.
2. Committed to Integrity– We seek to be a trusted source for your HR needs, by being a company dedicated to integrity.
3. Committed to You– We want to build lasting relationships with each of our customers,  providing resources and support for years to come.  We feel that our first two commitments will show how committed we truly are to you.

Have Genuine HR focus on the “behind-the-scenes”  side of your business, so that you can better focus on the business itself.


Employer's Guide to Hiring People

EMPLOYER’S GUIDE TO HIRING PEOPLE: Book 1 of the Basic Business Series


HIRING CHURCH EMPLOYEES: Book 1 of the Church Office Series

Paperwork for Church New Hires

PAPERWORK FOR CHURCH NEW HIRES: Book 2 of the Church Office Series

Retailers Guide to Hiring Employees

RETAILER’S GUIDE TO HIRING EMPLOYEES: Book 1 of the Retail Manager Series

Hiring Paperwork cover3

HIRING PAPERWORK: Book 1 of the Be a Better Boss Series


Visit Genuine HR’s website:

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