ROAD OF WATERS- an Arthurian fantasy

Road of Water cover2ROAD OF WATERS, book 2 in the Ways of Camelot series, continues the adventures of Thomas, the magician-in-training.

Woe, Warfare, and Wizards

Thom’s troubles continue. His short respite in Camelot ends when the magicians’ council orders him to travel by boat down the Road of Waters to help Wizard Weston. With him go two others of journeyman rank: Vivien and Reginald.

Thomas soon learns that his mission is a lie, that one of his companions is a shape-shifter, and that his beloved Adele faces grave danger. Fighting on land was bad enough, but now he must fight while on the Waters. He must battle monsters, armies, an unruly stomach, and natural forces gone wild.

Although he is barely a journeyman magician, Thom must protect King Arthur from enemy sorcerers while also trying to rescue his friends and save the kingdom. He doesn’t know whom to trust, for even some magicians seem suspect. He certainly cannot trust the Road of Waters, for it drowns any who disturb it.

ROAD OF WATERS- an Arthurian fantasy for Young Adults and Adults

Title: Road of Waters
Series: a Ways of Camelot novel (Book 2)
Publisher: Reader Hill
US Suggested Price: $2.99 e-book/ $14.99 trade paperback
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Road of Water cover2

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