Paperwork for Church New Hires

Paperwork for Church New HiresTitle: Paperwork for Church New Hires

Series: Church Office Series

Author: Genuine HR, the staff of

Only $3.99 in E-Book Format.

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PAPERWORK FOR CHURCH NEW HIRES is a practical and concise guidebook to lead you through New Hire forms and documents. This guidebook will help you understand and complete the following: 
1. Form I-9 
2. Form W-4 
3. New Hire Reporting 
4. E-Verify Program 
5. Other New Hire Paperwork 

Hiring an employee should be a celebratory moment. Your church’s ministry is expanding. A new person is joining the team, with new strengths and new potential. Yes, the hiring process can be time-consuming and no one enjoys the New Hire paperwork, but this guidebook will help you make it through that paperwork efficiently. Handle all those New Hire forms correctly and start that person with professional confidence. 

CONTENT ADVISORY: This guidebooks is specific to US ministries only. Those outside of the USA will only find this book helpful if they have employees in the United States. 

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