Retailer’s Guide to Hiring Employees

Retailer's Guide to Hiring EmployeesTitle: Retailer’s Guide to Hiring Employees
Series: Retail Manager
Author: Genuine HR, the staff of

E-Book Format from the Loyal Guide imprint
Published: June 2012

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Book Details:  A practical guidebook to successful hiring. Aimed at Small Business owners, store managers, and supervisors, this guidebook covers the whole hiring process. Retailer’s Guide to Hiring Employees covers everything from planning your staffing needs to advertising your job openings, from conducting interviews to completing New Hire paperwork.

Running a retail store can be an exciting and energizing career. Rarely is the day dull, not with all those customers and so many tasks to complete. However, there is one major headache that almost all Retailers experience: high turnover.

Too often an employer will find the hiring experience frustrating, with a lack of good candidates and plenty of time wasted. The aim of this guidebook is to help alleviate those frustrations. We want you to get through it successfully, which means finding the right person for your job opening.

Retailer’s Guide to Hiring Employees gets in-depth on the following topics:
1. Assessing your needs
2. Deciding what qualifications are needed for the job
3. How to advertise a job opening
4. Conducting good interviews
5. Picking the best person for the job
6. Day One Paperwork

In Retailer’s Guide to Hiring Employees, we consider legal issues, required paperwork, and practical solutions to common hiring problems. This guidebook also covers:
* Completing Government Forms (I-9, W-4, New Hire Reporting)
* Conducting Tests and Background Checks
* Learning how to Ask Good Questions
* Considering Other Options (Temps, Contractors, and more)
* Avoiding Flawed Candidates
* Creating Job Descriptions
* Classifying Employees Correctly
* Advertising Effectively
* Interviewing with Success
* Deciding on the Best Person to Hire
* Creating Offer Letters and “No Thank You” Letters
* Recordkeeping

Retailer’s Guide to Hiring Employees will help the business owner, store manager, or supervisor. This practical and concise guidebook will lead you, step-by-step, to success in hiring.

Buy Now and start reading today!
Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $7.99

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